Technovation Changes Girls’ Lives

Technovation has been inspiring and educating young women to solve real problems using technology since 2009. Since then, 10,000 girls from 78 countries have participated in Technovation. A five year look-back survey showed that while most participants have little or no experience with Computer Science before Technovation, the program has a profound impact on their interests:

        • 70% of alumnae took further Computer Science courses after Technovation when given an opportunity
        • 70% of alumnae were more interested in entrepreneurship after Technovation than before

Technovation Changes Mentors’ Lives

One of the first women to graduate from YCombinator was inspired to apply because of her experience with Technovation. As it turns out, Technovation helps professional women in some surprising ways.

    • 75% of mentors said Technovation helped their own professional development
    • 76% of mentors said Technovation increased their knowledge about entrepreneurship
    • 62% of mentors said Technovation increased or refreshed their own technical skillsets

For me, technology wasn’t an option. I never thought about doing something in technology. But [after Technovation], it’s totally in my mind to do something in the technology field.

Technovation Student 2013