About Technovation

Technovation is a program of Iridescent, a 501c3 non-profit that helps scientists, engineers and technology professionals to share their passion with children from underrepresented groups. We believe that children who are encouraged to be curious, daring, and driven stand the best chance at success in life.

Dr. Anuranjita Tewary founded Technovation Challenge in 2009 after attending Startup Weekend. Dr. Tewary wanted to offer girls the opportunity to learn how to start a company and become high-tech entrepreneurs.

Technovation began as a small pilot program in 2010 with just 45 girls. Over the past five years, it has transformed from an in-person program taught by Technovation staff to a global competition reaching thousands of girls. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of thousands of partners and volunteers, we have been able to run at low cost with just a small paid staff.

By now, over 5400 girls from 28 countries have developed 1029 mobile phone apps and learned to launch startup companies through Technovation.